How long does it take to paint one glass?

Each piece is different. I have some glasses that take 30-40 minutes. Other more intricate patterns can take several week to complete.

Do you create custom orders?

All the time, in fact, this is the bulk of my business! If you find a design you like in my catalog, but need the color combination changed or need it personalized with a name and/or date, no problem. I am happy to come up with an original design for your special occasion, wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, or just because.

Can I put this in the dishwasher?

Please do not! The enamel I used is formulated to be top rack dishwasher safe, however I have found mixed results with prolonged dishwashing. Best results are achieved with hand washing and hand drying your painted glass. Never allow anything hand painted to soak in standing water. An item with polymer clay, glitter, or rhinestones should never go in the dishwasher.

Do you really paint everything?

Yes! This is a one woman production. I do not use decals, stickers, stencils, or vinyl. Everything is hand painted by myself.

Do you offer discounts for multiple glass orders?

This depends on the quantity ordered and the design request. I can accommodate large parties for weddings and special events but I will need some lead time to complete the order for quantities over 25 pieces. Sometimes discounts are available so please don't be shy about brining your pricing questions to my attention.