Why Paint From Scratch?

Washing Instructions

Each piece is truly hand painted by myself and therefore completely unique. This year marks over 6,000 pieces sold to new and returning satisfied customers throughout the United States.

Since these pieces are all hand painted, they are completely customized. I can mix any color of paint and turn one of your ideas into a personalized piece of art! If you would rather work with one of my designs but have a special request, we can alter anything you see here.

Most importantly, this is what I love to do and therefore you will see an extreme attention to detail and love poured into everything I paint! 

Each piece is created with paint specifically formulated for non-porous surfaces and designed to be top-rack dishwasher safe. However, to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment from your product, I do not recommend washing your item in the dishwasher (after testing, I have found mixed results with the longevity of the paint after prolonged dishwasher usage). Never allow a hand painted piece to "soak" in water. For best results, hand wash your glass with dish soap and water avoiding contact with abrasive surfaces that might scratch the paint. Towel dry for a sparkling shine!

Please note that any piece with polymer clay or rhinestones is HAND WASH ONLY. Concentrate the soap and water towards exposed glass, not the clay, and turn upside down to dry or pat dry with a towel. Avoid abrasive surfaces and standing water.

Lifecycle of a Painted Glass

Hand painted glass, ceramic, and more...

The surface is first cleaned and swabbed with rubbing alcohol to help bond the paint. Once the surface is dry, the paint is applied, often in several layers to create depth and detail. Some pieces are turned several times to allow the paint to dry without dripping. The piece then cures for several days before being fired in an oven to permanently fix the paint to the non-porous surface. Finally, the finished piece is thoroughly cleaned again to remove any residue.

Every glass is completely different and therefore goes through a different process from start to completion.